23 years after 1st album's release, 2nd album of Golden Monkeys has arrived!.

Golden Monkeys is the World-Jazz-Exotica Music Creature that created by Yusuke Yamamoto.

The album includes songs featuring Chirs Cheek (sax), Frank LoCrasto (piano), and Jeremy Wilms (guitar).

You can now purchase or stream at your favorite place.

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Yusuke's first album under his own name. Acoustic-electro ambient music is here.

New video: Talking Woods

Track from my new album, Music for vibraphone, marimba and synthesizer.

My recent creations of ambient music videos! Imaginary nature trip for people staying home.

FLYING SEEDS / Music for vibraphone, marimba and synthesizer

Stargaze - Eta Aquarids - vibraphone and electronics

Stargaze - Lyrids - vibraphone and electronics

SPACE VIBES - vibraphone and electronics jam in space

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